Case Study

Chris and his team are unparalleled!

An outside-the-box thinker, he is incredibly detail-oriented and unbelievably passionate about what he does. A consummate professional and tireless perfectionist — every detail of your trip, from planning to on-the-ground execution, is as important to Chris as it is to you.

He truly listens to the client and takes the time to not only understand where you’re coming from but to help you understand all the options so that you can realise (as he already has) what you need, not just give you what you think you want …. That’s a hugely important distinction from some in the industry.

He will always shoot straight and never play games or tell you something because it makes his job easier. We love that about Chris.

We came to Chris on a recommendation from a trusted colleague. But when Chris told us he always sent one of his team along to attend the trip with the client — to ensure perfect execution — we were highly doubtful as we already sent one of our own to do just that; it seemed redundant to us.

However, after completing our first trip with Chris in the field, I can personally attest to how key it is to the success of your trip to have him (or one of his top staff) there with you on the ground! There is NOTHING redundant about it.

Our budget remained the same (or came in under) as on previous trips, but our trip’s success rate and positive feedback skyrocketed. He interfaced with the hotel and tour operators, freeing up our in-house trip coordinator to focus more exclusively on the team, spending time with each individual, and making everyone feel like true VIPs.

While Chris runs what is essentially a boutique agency, there’s nothing small or boutique about his offerings to you. With years in the industry, he’s a man with deep and varied connections and knowledge that far surpasses most large agencies. He is connected to local tour operators in every port, so no matter what your destination, Chris is already working with a trusted and knowledgeable local contact in that region or city to ensure no detail is left to chance, either before you and he arrive, or while you’re there with your team.

He completely surpassed our wildest expectations on our first trip together and has forever changed our way of thinking about group travel – we never want to plan a group excursion that doesn’t include Inception Global Ltd!