Corporate Days

Corporate days and team building that will be inspirational and rewarding

Employees are our most valuable asset and so it is essential that this asset is nurtured to continually drive and improve personal and organisational performance.

Corporate team building is one of the foundations to improving performance and although having fun is a key component; its core purpose is to:

• Build effective working relationships
• Reduce ambiguity with team roles and responsibilities
• Identify solutions to team problems
• Align objectives and goals
• Improve morale, motivation and productivity

Inception global can work with you to understand your learning outcomes and create a team building programme aligned to these.

• Collaborative team building activities to encourage teams to work together to get results
• Competitive activities requiring teams to own their actions to produce meaningful results
• A simple icebreaker to start the day
• A short team based activity as part of a larger conference
• Motivational speakers to deliver key thought leadership messages